Truck Seals

Seals are commonly used by trucks and trailers for transportation of the goods either for road, or for multimodal transport. From plastic indicative seals to high security seals, there are many different kinds of seals that are available for shippers. Security seals for trucks must comply in all cases with the applicable regulations in order to facilitate the transfer of goods in domestic and international territories.

For high security seals, we recommend GP422, GP433 and GP434. ISO 17712 certificate is available for GP422 and G434. Please click this link to learn more details.

For indicative plastic seals, depending on your need, we recommend pull-up seals and fix-length seals. GP412 and GP413 are the most popular pull-up seals, that are used on trucks. GP412 has tear-off option for easy hand removal. Fix-length seals, mostly GP565, are also popular in transportation. You can learn more from the links on below.

Click for Pull-up Seals.  
Click for Fix-Length Seals.